Why is my discount not displayed in the shopping cart?

Your discount is calculated and displayed in the last step before your final order confirmation!

How long is a licence valid?

Highland Musikarchiv licences are issued indefinite.

What do I do if there is a licence check, e.g. by an authors association?

With any purchase from Highland Musikarchiv you receive a licence document (“Release Document”). This licence has proven effective for any kind of checks during the last years. If you are requested to submit a licence in physical form, we recommend, that you send a copy instead of the original document.

What happens if I change my address (the licence document contains my postal address)?

In case address changes we provide a free of charge modification of your licence document.

May I store copies the music files on data storage and/or other technical devices for storage or av-dubbing?

Yes. Once you purchased a licence, you may store and/or convert the material to other file formats for your personal use on CD, DVD, HDs etc.

I am using Highland Musikarchiv music correctly licenced for my private hobby with a non-commercial licence. Now someone from a company wants to use one of my films for the company website. May I sell him (or give away for free) my film that contains Highland Musikarchiv music?

Our ROYALTYfree music is always licenced for a certain utilisation. If you purchased a non-commercial licence, this case would exceed this licence so it would have to be extended to a commercial licence. In the past, we always managed to find a solution for such extension of noncommercial licences satisfactory for our clients. Please contact us in such cases so we can offer you an individual solution. For further information on this issue, we remain at your disposal.

Do you have special requests or require additional information? Please contact us.

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