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CD: 69 Minutes

All together dynamic, a modern CD with many trailers and jingles. Technological and rhythmic variations make this a perfect selection for industrial and advertisement films as well as for any current topics.

Included titles and variations

San Francisco

San Francisco jingle150 BPM00:33
San Francisco150 BPM03:45


Paris-Dakar jingle108 BPM00:55
Paris-Dakar108 BPM04:05


Amazon jingle90 BPM00:24
Amazon90 BPM07:20


Computer world jingle125 BPM00:18
Computer world125 BPM06:49


Transmitter jingle120 BPM00:21
Transmitter120 BPM05:05


Siesta jingle95 BPM00:46
Siesta95 BPM04:58

Natur 2050

Nature 2050 jingle100 BPM00:26
Nature 2050100 BPM05:24

Automatic World

Automatic world jingle 197 BPM00:22
Automatic world jingle 297 BPM00:43
Automatic world97 BPM06:09

Round and Round

Round and round jingle 1100 BPM00:23
Round and round jingle 2100 BPM00:42
Round and round100 BPM05:15

Multimedia Express

Multimedia express110 BPM03:05
Multimedia express extra version110 BPM03:05

Manhattan Jingle 1

Manhattan jingle 185 BPM00:30
Manhattan jingle 285 BPM01:01

Der Detektiv Jingle 1

The detective jingle 1130 BPM00:31
The detective jingle 2130 BPM00:57

Copa Cabana Jingle 1

Copa Cabana jingle 1140 BPM00:32
Copa Cabana jingle 2140 BPM01:01

Malibu Jingle 1

Malibu jingle 1110 BPM00:33
Malibu jingle 2110 BPM00:59


Fun jingle 1142 BPM00:28
Fun jingle 2142 BPM00:55

Im Rampenlicht

In limelight jingle 1100 BPM00:26


Montmartre jingle 1107 BPM00:30

Mode of shipment:

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