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CD: 124 Minutes

Funk and rock, gripping e-guitars and dominant bass. Full powered and dynamic for all films with speed and action. This CD brings back summer. On the salt lake we go for speed record, the Harley brings us to the open air festival and later join the rave. Power station and popcorn, high speed train and motorway. Very effective material, additional power to your pictures!

Included titles and variations


Four-wheel drive 120 BPM04:33
Four-wheel drive jingle 1120 BPM00:06
Four-wheel drive jingle 2120 BPM00:08
Four-wheel drive jingle 3120 BPM00:10
Four-wheel drive jingle 4120 BPM00:10
Four-wheel drive jingle 5120 BPM00:10
Four-wheel drive jingle 6120 BPM00:10
Four-wheel drive jingle 7120 BPM00:11
Four-wheel drive jingle 8120 BPM00:18
Four-wheel drive jingle 9120 BPM00:18

Let´s Do It

Let´s do it140 BPM03:34
Let´s do it jingle 1140 BPM00:03
Let´s do it jingle 2140 BPM00:12
Let´s do it jingle 3140 BPM00:12
Let´s do it jingle 4140 BPM00:18
Let´s do it jingle 5140 BPM00:18
Let´s do it talkover 1140 BPM00:58
Let´s do it talkover 2140 BPM00:58


Halfpipe148 BPM04:56
Halfpipe jingle 1148 BPM00:11
Halfpipe jingle 2148 BPM00:17
Halfpipe jingle 3148 BPM00:28
Halfpipe jingle 4148 BPM00:43


Typhoon160 BPM04:41
Typhoon jingle 1160 BPM00:18
Typhoon jingle 2160 BPM00:30
Typhoon talkover160 BPM04:41

Far Away

Far away101 BPM03:44
Far away without drums101 BPM03:35

Competition A Jingle 1

Competition A jingle 1120 BPM00:11
Competition A jingle 2120 BPM00:11
Competition A jingle 3120 BPM00:19
Competition A jingle 4120 BPM00:19
Competition A jingle 5120 BPM00:27
Competition A jingle 6120 BPM00:35
Competition A jingle 7120 BPM00:43
Competition A jingle 8120 BPM00:43
Competition B jingle 1120 BPM00:19
Competition B jingle 2120 BPM00:20
Competition B jingle 3120 BPM00:22
Competition B jingle 4120 BPM00:36
Competition B jingle 5120 BPM00:52
Competition C jingle 1120 BPM00:02
Competition C jingle 2120 BPM00:02
Competition C jingle 3120 BPM00:11
Competition C jingle 4120 BPM00:11
Competition C jingle 5120 BPM00:19
Competition C jingle 6120 BPM00:27
Competition C jingle 7120 BPM00:27
Competition C jingle 8120 BPM00:35


Machine factory120 BPM04:14
Machine factory sequenzer solo120 BPM01:53
Machine factory without bass120 BPM04:13


Showdown144 BPM02:09


Crotch rocket90 BPM05:15
Crotch rocket jingle 190 BPM00:02
Crotch rocket jingle 290 BPM00:04
Crotch rocket jingle 390 BPM00:04
Crotch rocket jingle 490 BPM00:07
Crotch rocket jingle 590 BPM00:12
Crotch rocket jingle 690 BPM00:23
Crotch rocket guitar solo 190 BPM00:05
Crotch rocket guitar solo 290 BPM00:06
Crotch rocket guitar solo 390 BPM00:10
Crotch rocket guitar solo 490 BPM00:11
Crotch rocket guitar solo 590 BPM00:12
Crotch rocket guitar solo 690 BPM00:12
Crotch rocket guitar solo 790 BPM00:22

Freier Fall

Free fall76 BPM05:08
Free fall jingle 176 BPM00:37
Free fall effect-piano solo 176 BPM01:05
Free fall effect-piano solo 276 BPM01:05
Free fall without Sequenzer76 BPM05:09
Free fall talkover76 BPM05:02


Offroad120 BPM04:47
Offroad jingle 1120 BPM00:16
Offroad jingle 2120 BPM00:16
Offroad jingle 3120 BPM00:24
Offroad jingle 4120 BPM00:25

Tell A Story 2003

Tell a story 2003104 BPM06:02
Tell a story 2003 jingle 1104 BPM00:15
Tell a story 2003 jingle 2104 BPM00:34
Tell a story 2003 jingle 3104 BPM00:53


Tricky94 BPM04:00
Tricky jingle 194 BPM00:15
Tricky jingle 294 BPM00:25
Tricky jingle 394 BPM00:35
Tricky talkover94 BPM04:00


Stroboscope180 BPM04:42
Stroboscope jingle 1180 BPM00:15
Stroboscope jingle 2180 BPM00:20
Stroboscope jingle 3180 BPM00:20
Stroboscope without drums180 BPM04:30

Steel Road

Steel road120 BPM03:24
Steel road jingle 1120 BPM00:16
Steel road jingle 2120 BPM00:24
Steel road jingle 3120 BPM00:35
Steel road jingle 4120 BPM00:40
Steel road without drums120 BPM03:24

Mode of shipment:

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