Classical Dreams (CD Non-commercial Licence)

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CD: 138 Minutes

Expressive romantic chamber music - a potpourri of classical styles. Including strings, piano, harp, cembalo, bassoon, guitar, transverse flute and other acoustic instruments. Idyllic melodies, traditional harmonic, classical arrangements with very contained rhythmisation. 92 titles with subtle instrumented harmonics!

Included titles and variations

Keine Angst

Never fear108 BPM05:32
Never fear jingle 1108 BPM00:16
Never fear jingle 2108 BPM00:35
Never fear jingle 3108 BPM00:52
Never fear jingle 4108 BPM01:15
Never fear flute solo108 BPM00:25
Never fear oboe solo108 BPM00:40
Never fear talkover108 BPM02:08

Für immer

Forever50 BPM05:40
Forever jingle 150 BPM00:26
Forever jingle 250 BPM00:53
Forever jingle 350 BPM01:22
Forever melody solo50 BPM00:37
Forever talkover50 BPM02:48

Das neue Land

The new land96 BPM06:56
The new land jingle 196 BPM00:21
The new land jingle 296 BPM00:42
The new land jingle 396 BPM00:56
The new land jingle 496 BPM01:22
The new land talkover96 BPM02:25

Bis zum Ende

Until the end54 BPM04:50
Until the end jingle 154 BPM00:26
Until the end jingle 254 BPM00:33
Until the end jingle 354 BPM00:43
Until the end without strings jingle 154 BPM00:25
Until the end without strings jingle 254 BPM00:31
Until the end without strings jingle 354 BPM00:43
Until the end talkover54 BPM01:54

Die Comtesse

The countess116 BPM04:43
The countess jingle 1116 BPM00:17
The countess jingle 2116 BPM00:23
The countess jingle 3116 BPM00:35
The countess jingle 4116 BPM00:48
The countess jingle 5116 BPM00:59

Der Entschluss

The decision64 BPM05:27
The decision jingle 164 BPM00:19
The decision jingle 264 BPM00:27
The decision jingle 364 BPM00:49
The decision jingle 464 BPM01:05
The decision oboe solo64 BPM00:55
The decision talkover64 BPM02:05


Squirrel80 BPM04:33
Squirrel jingle 180 BPM00:09
Squirrel jingle 280 BPM00:15
Squirrel jingle 380 BPM00:28
Squirrel jingle 480 BPM00:52
Squirrel jingle 580 BPM01:16


Museum night05:35
Museum night jingle 100:23
Museum night jingle 200:39
Museum night jingle 301:17
Museum night jingle 401:36

Die letzte Schlacht

The final battle96 BPM04:30
The final battle jingle 196 BPM00:24
The final battle jingle 296 BPM00:32
The final battle jingle 396 BPM00:52
The final battle jingle 496 BPM01:14
The final battle Cello solo96 BPM01:04
The final battle talkover96 BPM02:22


Hall of mirrors100 BPM05:50
Hall of mirrors jingle 1100 BPM00:11
Hall of mirrors jingle 2100 BPM00:18
Hall of mirrors jingle 3100 BPM00:33
Hall of mirrors jingle 4100 BPM00:48


Barefoot112 BPM04:52
Barefoot jingle 1112 BPM00:17
Barefoot jingle 2112 BPM00:34
Barefoot jingle 3112 BPM00:52
Barefoot jingle 4112 BPM01:13
Barefoot without strings112 BPM04:49
Barefoot without strings jingle 1112 BPM00:32
Barefoot without strings jingle 2112 BPM00:49
Barefoot without strings jingle 3112 BPM01:10
Barefoot piano solo112 BPM04:49
Barefoot piano solo jingle 1112 BPM00:15
Barefoot piano solo jingle 2112 BPM00:32
Barefoot piano solo jingle 3112 BPM00:49

Vor langer Zeit

Long time ago97 BPM04:26
Long time ago jingle 197 BPM00:08
Long time ago jingle 297 BPM00:13
Long time ago jingle 397 BPM00:23
Long time ago jingle 497 BPM00:48

Romantischer Süden

Romantic South100 BPM04:28
Romantic South jingle 1100 BPM00:19
Romantic South jingle 2100 BPM00:28
Romantic South jingle 3100 BPM00:47
Romantic South jingle 4100 BPM00:57
Romantic South recorder solo 1100 BPM00:08
Romantic South recorder solo 2100 BPM00:08
Romantic South recorder solo 3100 BPM00:22
Romantic South tin-whistle solo100 BPM00:22
Romantic South talkover100 BPM02:14

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